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Q: Is it necessary to have Mobile, to register online complaints?
A: Yes. This mobile number will be used as your user name. Next time when you visit with same mobile number then you can see history of your previous complaints.
Q: What is OTP?
A: OTP (One Time Password) ensures genuinety of complainant. This is received to the mobile number which complainant enters in the system.
Q: How many times I can use my Mobile number to register a complaint in a day?
A: You can use same mobile five times in a day to register/track a complaint. If you have used same mobile number five times in a day, then it will not permit you to use the same mobile number for that day. Although next day you can use the same mobile number for register/track complaints.
Q: What if I didn’t receive OTP?
A: Once you have entered your mobile number, OTP will be sent to your mobile number. If you have not got OTP you can resend same by clicking Re-send OTP button on the page. You can send the same OTP there times only.
Q: How many times I can use an OTP?
A: You can use an OTP only once to register/track complaint.
Q: How can I log-in to register complaint?
A: 1. Enter your mobile number in the specified text box.
2. Click Generate OTP button.
 3. You will receive OTP in the mobile number entered.
4. Enter OTP to verify your mobile number.
5. If OTP is valid, Proceed button will be enabled by clicking anywhere in the page.
6. If OTP is invalid, the proceed button will not be enabled.
7. Click on proceed button to navigate to another window, where in you can register complaint.
Q: What if I have lost my mobile?
A: Please intimate nearest branch in case you have lost or changed your mobile number.
Q: How will I track my complaints?
A: Once you have registered a complaint, you can track it by entering you mobile number and valid OTP received. Then you will get list of your registered complaints. There clicking on any complaint will tell about the status of the complaint.